We will show you the way to Success!

Give us a chance and we will prove our efficiency! We will show you the way to Success!
At cashcomputer.net our goal is to make the computer and networking process simple for you. We provide personalized onsite, drop-off, remote access and telephone support for your computer hardware and networks. For business owners and home computer users. With customer satisfaction being our top priority, we encourage you to CONTACT US at any time.
There is no computer or network problem too small. We will look your situation over and give you advice on a solution or direct you to the right resource.

When your computer stops working, we can help. We will diagnose your computer to determine the problem and then replace any piece of hardware that has failed. We will also install any software or drivers necessary to make your computer hardware fully functional again. We will also let you know when you shouldn’t repair something. We believe in spending money wisely and believe our customers should too. Often when parts and labor are added together, they are more than the price of purchasing a new item. Our pricing is competitive and often negotiable depending on you requirements.
It’s quite common for many homes these days to have more than one PC or even other network capable devices such as game consoles, media storage servers. Without a network infrastructure though, sharing connections across these devices can be complicated.

Web Design & Development

All of our website designs incorporate a basic database for recording website enquiries. Our web design services include complex backend systems, e-commerce website sales, website maintenance & updates regardless of size.

Desktop-Laptop Repair/Upgrade

Over time a Desktop/Laptop will undoubtedly start to experience some strange behavior. Slow boot times, windows popping open left and right, non responsive programs. We’ve seen it all those issues.

Data Backup

We have several backup options to offer. You can back up your data to the Internet using an online data backup solution. We can also set up backup software to automatically backup your data to a storage device, external hard drive, flash drive, or another computer.

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